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Ben-Wa Chain Collier

Ben-Wa Chain Collier

The ancient Chinese tools that inspired this Paradise Found design are known as Ben Wa balls. Ben Wa balls traditionally serve to provide sensations of vaginal fullness and depth. They also serve to reinforce the health and pleasure enhancing benefits of Kegel exercises. Kegeling strengthens the Pubococcyceal muscles, also known as the PC muscles. The versatility of the Ben Wa Chain collier is granted by an adjustable closure that permits it to be worn on virtually any part of the body in and beyond the privacy of the boudoir. 

How to Adorn: Whether the Ben Wa Chain collier is worn as a necklace, a bracelet or a belt to complete your favorite look or it is  the only thing you wear on your naked skin, you will feel empowered.  While this essential jewel tool is not indicated for use during penetration the spheres can be carefully inserted into the vagina during your daily Kegel exercises. 

Note: Betony recommends that everyone practice what she describes as the “genital gym’ on a daily basis to enhance sexual wellbeing and overall satisfaction. See chapter 3 of The Boudoir Bible (The Genital Gym) for a full initiation to the exercises that strengthen the Pubococcygeal muscles in both women and men.


Sterling silver (925) 

Approximate Weight: 

 129 gr / 4,55 oz


Chain length 1,40m / 0,55in

Speres ø 21mm / ø 8,2in

2 200,00 €
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